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A live DVD/USB based on Debian SID... Free as in Freedom :D

... Turn your computer into a complete multimedia workstation

io GNU/Linux v2 beta2 out \o/... (linux 3.2, e17 v0.17.1, lebiniou and 3240 more packages...)

Download io-live-hybrid-686-pae--2013.05.05-17.37.iso

(md5sum: 3232358c6dd93f804f803b7b859b3798)


io GNU/Linux is member of Debian Live and linuxaudio.org ... Happy testing :)

Download the ISO file and then burn it (as image) onto a blank DVD... et voila :)

You can now boot your computer from this DVD, it's really simple

To prepare a bootable USB stick, instuctions here. Don't use Unetbootin, it will not work...


A version with a realtime kernel is available too, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY...

Download io-live-hybrid-rt-686-pae--2013.05.12-00.39.iso (Packages list)

(md5sum: ccf3857e6e73dfd4355705118c4356ef)